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The Political Development of Imperial China
A military leader operating outside the control of the government
The Mongol leader
Ruled the North
The exams were set up to prevent
Built on the accomplishments of the Sui dynasty
Under the Mongols, Chinese society was divided into this number of classes
A test given to qualify candidates for positions in the government
Government and society of imperial China was strongly influenced by the philosophy of
The first Chinese ruler to claim the title of emperor
Confucianism emphasized respect for
Rule by officials of proven merit
Confucians considered these people to be the lowest class in society
What Chinese rulers based their right to govern on
Held power for more than 400 years
A ruling class of noble families
A new teaching that blended the teachings of Confucius with elements of Buddhism and Daoism
The form of government headed by an emperor/empress
A line of rulers from the same family.
A highly complex body of workers with many levels of authority
What sent many families into poverty
Those above should be kind to those...