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Commercial Law

A legal document that provides title to the goods in storage and assures delivery to the holder in due course
Sale to a consumer who wants to try the goods before buying them
The chance of financial loss
The person to whom a negotiable instrument has been issued or endorsed and who possesses it for value, in good faith and without notice that it may not be valid
The temporary transfer of a property's custody
A shipping condition under which the buyer pays when the goods are delivered and has no right to inspect the goods as a condition to acceptance and payment
The party temporarily possessing the personal property in a bailment
A defense of an obligor of a negotiable instrument that may be asserted even against a holder in due course
The owner of the personal property in a bailment
Tangible personal movable property
The absolute obligation to pay a negotiable instrument according to its terms
A claim to an instrument by any person and any defense that would be effective in a simple contract transaction
Public offering of goods for sale
The party who is shipping goods
The person or organization that receives property being transported by a carrier