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Chase's Science Crossword

Somthing all living things also need to live and its formula o2
It is needed by all living things and its formula is h2o
Absorbs sunlight to make energy
This is the process of cell reproduction
This is what the nucleus is made up of
This process breaks down sugars to create energy
This is also called sugar
Used in mitosis to pull the two cells apart
This organism creates its own food what is it called
In this phase the cell is getting ready for mitosis
It guards the stomata
Plants use this process to make energy
This organism can't make its own food and eats plants or animals what is it called
This is the second phase of mitosis in which the spindle fibers become attached
It is the point of attachment for spindle fibers
In this phase 2 new nuclei are formed
This is what the nucleus is made up of
It is on the under side of a leaf and allows water toppers through to the plant
It creates food for the cell and is the powerhouse
It uses chlorophyll to make energy for the plant
The material of which the chromosomes are composed
Everything in the cell floats in the jello like substance
In this phase 2 daughter cells are formed
It seperats the nucleus from the cytoplasm
It contains a unique genetic code
Its formula is co2
In this phase of mitosis the chromosomes become attached to the spindle fibers
These are tubes and help in the reproduction of animal cells
This is the first phase of mitosis
It is what makes the plant green