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Ch. 6 & 7 Han Dynasty and Roman Empire

Principles that formed the state philosophy of the Han dynasty
This fueled both America's growth during the Industrial Revolution, and the Hand dynasty's success.
During the Han dynasty, the name of the nomads to the North of the Great Wall.
A government by three people with equal power
The defeat of Augustus and his Roman army in this region/country, taught Romans that their power was not unlimited.
The ____ _____ was a political institution in Rome that saw its highest level of power during the middle Republic
This dynasty preceded the Han dynasty.
Name of the Martial Emperor of Han
The title of the founder of the Han dynasty
Name of the exam used to test government officials for hire.
This industry was developed during the Han dynasty
Caesar was responsible for reforming the Roman ____, and now the modern world, by instituting the Egyptian solar year which lasts 365.
The term used to identify the day Julius Caesar was assassinated.
Bought up land and bullied farmers.
Caesar was officially named this in 47 B.C.
In 100 B.C., the Roman army began accepting and recruiting this instead of land holders of small farms
Known to the Chinese as the 'First Teacher'.
These types of laborers flocked to the city of Rome, their rural homes
This general was defeated by Julius Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon river to fight for power over Rome.
Both America and the Han dynasty experienced this. America survived, the Han dynasty collapsed.
The writing of this became the main focus of literature during the Han dynasty
Government officials were chosen based on this.
This general attempted to reestablish a traditional republic governed by a powerful senate, however, he ended up proving the power of an army to ambitious men.
The brothers, Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus believed the basic cause of Rome's problems were due to the loss of land ownership. Their attempt to right this wrong caused them to be ______, by Roman Senators.
The Roman leader Antony, who was a relative of Caesar, allied himself with this Egyptian queen.
The founder of the Han dynasty
Contributed to the fall of the Han dynasty
The span of time between 31 B.C. and A.D. 14 witnessed the foundation of the Roman ______.
The Senate gave Augustus this title, meaning Commander in Chief, in 27 B.C. This title gives the English language the word "Emperor".
Invented during the Han dynasty, from cast iron technology.