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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Music Theater Worksheet #3

The end of a story.
Vowel combinations.
Communication by movement.
Sound combination between singers.
Usually includes the song title and main theme.
Occurs when not enough air is used to support the tone.
Muscle used when singing.
Singing without accompaniment.
High male voice.
Low female voice.
Highness or lowness of a note.
Singing above the pitch.
A summary of a song's main idea.
A set of circumstances.
Vocal energy used to be heard.
The words of a song.
The instrumentation beneath the singing.
Sung notes used to strengthen your vocal muscles.
Clear pronunciation of words.
A personality or role for an actor or actress.
To copy a style.
Acting without words.
The part of a song that tells the story.
The speed of a song.
Singing below the pitch.