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Science Week 8 Study Tool

Reaction that produced energy when heavy radioactive nuclei split apart into fragments that together have less mass
Energy needed to remove a proton or neutron from a nucleus
Techniques based on radioactive half-lives of carbon14 and other isotopes that is used to determine age of materials
A particle such as the neutron spontaneously transforms into a collection of particles that includes an electron
Min. number of uranium235 atoms needed to sustain a nuclear chain reaction.
Unit of force; accelerate the mss of 1kg by 1m/s, or 1 kilogram-meter-per second-squared
The number of protons in the nucleus, which determines the nuclear charge, and therefore the chemical identity of the atom
Process of spontaneous change of unstable isotopes
Stripping away one or more of an atom's electrons to produce an ion
Rate of radioactive decay measured by time it takes for half of a collection of isotopes to decay into another element