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Science 1st quarter

Plants use this kind of light for photosynthesis
The only organisms that are prokaryotes
Storage center of the cell
Jelly-like substance that fills the cell and protects the organelles
Photosynthesis takes place here
The diffusion of water across a cell membrane
Meats, dairy products, and legumes are rich in this compound
Cells use these nutrients to get and store energy
Kill bacteria without harming other cells
Combined in chemical reactions to create products
Two or more elements that are chemically joined
Rod-shaped bacteria
Movement of molecules from area of greater concentration to areas of lesser concentration
The recyclers of the cell
An organism that lives on or in a host
Gives a plant cell rigid structure
Organelles that make protein
The simplest form of matter
Move by way of pseudopods
Bacteria do not have this
Life is __ based
These compounds include fats, oils, and waxes
A group of protozoans that move using whip-like organelles
Cellular respiration takes place here
Means "false feet"
Spiral-shaped bacteria
Ball-shaped bacteria
Single-celled eukaryote
Two or more atoms that are chemically joined
Does not require oxygen
Tiny, hair-like organelles that help with movement
The smallest particle of an element