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Social Psychology

Studying people of different ages at the same time
Revealing intimate details about ourselves
Cubs fans love the Cubs even more after a Cubs rally
I was mean to someone when I was in a bad mood, so now I hate them
Bay of pigs invasion, challenger explosion
The fire alarm goes off, but the teacher doesn't react, so all the students stay in their seats
We like people who like us
People on Halloween shatter windows because they are wearing masks
Buy this car because Shaq drives it
A release of aggression
We like people near us
Serena only pretends to help carry the couch
Timmy doesn't like 3rd graders
Anything that can affect the dependent variable besides the independent variable
The brain, hormones, and neurotransmitters affect our behavior
First psychology lab
How much a value strays from the mean
Solomon Asch Exeriment examined this
Everything we do is because we choose to
Aggression with no clear purpose