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Elizabeth & David Van Hook's 2017 Christmas Crossword Challenge

"Silent Night" was first sung with ____ accompaniment.
T or F: The Magi were present at the manger for Christ's birth.
Elizabeth stays busy taking residents to their____.
"O ___ Night" was the first song played live on a radio broadcast, December 24, 1906.
"Rejoice! Rejoice! ____"
T or F: Shepherds presented 15 DOWN gifts.
We continue ____ for the Symphony, Opera, and Virginia Arts Festival.
"O come to my heart, Lord Jesus: there is room in my heart for____."
Westminster Canterbury's active Men's Chorus keeps David ____.
Kate Smith, "America's Songbird," adored Christmas Carols. She was born in Greenville,____ on May 1, 1907.
"_____Wonderland" makes no reference to Christmas or Christ's birth.
The season of ____precedes Christmas.
In 1818 Franz Gruber wrote the melody to "Silent Night" in Oberndorf, ____.
____ was king when the Babe of Bethlehem was born.
Mary and Joseph were in ____when baby Jesus was born.
"____ Fideles"
May "____ to the World" reign in your heart through Christmas and New Year.
We pray the joyous Christmas message will bring ___to our troubled world.
Gifts to the Christ Child were gold, frankincense and ____.
The star in the ____ led the Wise Men to Bethlehem.