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weather crossword

weather crossword

Precipitation in the form of ice pellets.
Form of solid precipitation.
Force exerted by air, compressed or unconfined
Ratio of the water vapor in the atmosphere to the amount required to saturate it.
Rain or any other precipitation that is unusually acidic.
State of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture and pressure.
Product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that falls under gravity.
Seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation.
Type of vaporization of a liquid.
Change of physical state of matter from gas phase into liquid phase.
System of wind patterns distributing warm air.
State or process that occurs when no more can be absorbed.
Amount of water vapor present in the air.
Fast flowing, narrow, meandering air currents in the atmosphere.
Rain that falls when temperatures are below freezing.
Temperature at which dew forms.
Apparent deflection of a body in motion with respect to the earth.
Weather forecaster.
Nature movement of air.
Body of air covering a relatively wide area