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EL Research Brief

Not all teachers can teach in all languages, but all teachers can learn specific _____ that support the maintenance of all languages.
____ is necessary to learning academic language.
Instruction that fails to appropriately address ELs linguistic, cultural, socioemotional and academic needs when they first enter elementary school leads to lack of progress, a growing number of longterm ELs, and can clead to _____.
It can take from five to ____ years for students to learn English necessary for participation in a school's curriculum without further linguistic support.
ELs are far more likely to live in poverty and in ___-parent families with low levels of education.
Development of the home language should be ___.
Literacy ___ is an important factor for ELs in their ability to learn to read, in their academic langauage learning from school texts and in their literacy and academic achievement.
Despite their ___, cognative and social potential, many ELs struggle to meet the requirements for academic success
Children have the capacity to learn more than one ____ if given appropriate opportunities.
Important benefits are ___ if the English acquisition comes at the expense of continuing development in the child's first language.