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The Renaissance Review

Founder of the Medici Bank
Education focused on studying the 'humanities'
Author of "Of Free Will"
Saint whose bones were smuggled into Venice from Alexandria
French for "rebirth"
The Pope who began to rebuild Rome
A person who was knowledgeable and accomplished in multiple fields
The local, common language
Event that led to classic scholars and works moving into Italy
Wanted Church reform; responsible for the Bonfire of the Vanities
Painter of the Mona Lisa
An incentive given by the Church for certain spiritual acts
Jesuit grandson of Alexander VI who was later canonized
Medici family member who sponsored an art school
The family that controlled Florence
Creator of the printing press
Pope accused of selling indulgences
Giving favors to members of one's family
Disease that wiped out a lot of the population
Considered the founder of the Renaissance
Author of "Utopia"
Last pope who is not ordained when he is elected
Logical and careful method of education, focus of education in the middle ages
Painted the Sistine Chapel
Pope who allegedly bribed his way into the papacy
Area where the Jews were forced to live separately, meant "waste"
City that has canals instead of roads
Ruling family in Milan