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The loudness or softness of a musical sound
Although it has strings, this instrument is a member of the percussion family.
The smallest double-reed woodwind instrument
The largest instrument in the brass family
Instruments who sound is created by a vibrating string
What a clarinet and saxophone use to produce a sound
The smallest instrument in the string family
The snare drum and xylophone are members of this family.
Woodwind instrument that does not use a reed
Although it's a member of the brass family, this instrument is made of brass
Brass players must do this with their lips to produce a sound
Any instrument you blow air through is called a______
The smaller the instrument, the _______it will sound
The only brass instrument that doesn't use valves to play different notes.
The higness or lowness of a sound
The human perception of sound
What a sound wave travels through. it can be a solid, liquid or gas
The human receptors of sound