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Halloween Ghoulash

Medicare offering after "A"
Object used to take a load off
Hit single by AC/DC (1976)
Kleenex to wipe your brow after a fright?
Hindi variation of an Indian prince
Elphaba and Glinda out in the Sahara?
Country where you'd find TLV and JER
"___ Tok" - Ke$ha (2010)
Conf. of UConn and SMU
Leader of the pack
The original Bond movie villain, and others
Toppings for your Halloween party crackers?
"All You Had to Do Was ____" - Taylor Swift (2014)
720p or 1080i
Mil. branch of Allied power in WWII
One does this to a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern
Winning tic-tac-toe line
"War for the Planet of the ____" (2017 film)
Rams' Univ.
"____: Washington's Spies" (AMC television series)
Festivities for a group of ghosts?
Common sources for consp. theory sightings
_____-Roman wrestling
MLB Commissioner before Manfred
Dr. you'd see for a sinus infection
Third tier of pro soccer in the USA
Longoria, star of Desperate Housewives
"See ya later, cadaver!"
Store for outdoor gear
"Boo!", for one?
Pop. deli order
Swiss mountain range
Start of a selection rhyme
"Hey! Over here!"
Superfood berry
"Admiral" to George Dewey
Major concern of the Commerce Dep.
Sign one may post if a Rottweiler is present
"Seinfeld," e.g.
Standard keyboard key
First day of lent forehead residue
Martes in Eng.
Dropped too much acid, say
Canadian Sun in Phoenix?
When repeated three times, a 1970 film on Pearl Harbor
"Princess and the Frog" princess
Internet transaction
Salon extension?
Goal of Alfred Hitchcock
Give up
Common bacterial infection
Drip brew and steamed milk
Precursor to AIDS
"West Side ____"
Mrs. en español
Linebacker Miller of the Denver Broncos
NFL's Cardinals on scoreboards
Muslim mystic
Outcome of a stalking accusation (abbrv.)
What someone who insists on using a road atlas might say?
Those living on the Peloponnese
Trump's VP
Part of 29-Down when Tony and Maria meet
South Slavic ethnic group
Daredevil Knievel
Prozac or Zoloft, e.g.
Hook in a newspaper article
Agcy. concerned with climate change
"You've got mail" co.
"Kindergarten ___" (1990 film)
"Self-Reliance" essayist (init.)