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Grade 5 Chapter 1 & 2 Vocabulary

Name: ______________________
*Use textbook to help you find the answers*
Statement of what you think will happen during an investigation
Something that can change in a test
Step-by-step instructions for completing a task
The use of scientific methods to test a hypothesis
Ability to make a measurement that is as close to the actual value as possible
Something you find out about objects, events, or living things using your senses
An artificial arm, hand, leg, or foot that replaces a missing one
A standard against which change is measured
The ability to consistently repeat a measurement
A version of a solution to a problem
A conclusion based on observations
Observations that make you believe something is true
A small piece of a computer that contains microscopic circuits
Information from which a conclusion can be drawn or a prediction can be made
A set of steps for developing products and processes that solve problems
The knowledge, processes, and products that solve problems and make work easier