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The messenger who had gone to summon. Chronicles 18:12
He was in a ___ Luke 5:12
The little___ Matthew 20:13
Called to be an apostle of Christ Jesus Corinthians 1:1
Queen__ Ester 8:1
The ____ of the ancestral houses Numbers 36:1
Cousin of Jesus
The __ of the LORD Psalm 34:15
When the____ month came Ezra 3:3
Person mentioned in the Book of Judges 19:1
What is the land drenched with Ezekiel 32:6
He entered the__ Mark 3:3
Mother of Jesus
Son of Raphael Tobit 1:1
They watched him and sent__ Luke 20:20
Ebed-melech the _____ Jeremiah 38:7
King Cyrus of__ Chronicles 36: 22
The lord said to ___ Deuteronomy 2:31
But he who commits ___ has no sense
Who was arguing Mark 8:11
Finally, my brothers and sisters,__ Philippians 3:1
Judas Maccabeus and his brother ___ Maccabees 5:24
Who spoke to Moses? Exodus 40:1
Who had passed a little beyond the summit? Samuel 16:1
I go about in __ gloom Job 31:28