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Simple Present Verbs

Simon _____to go on walks.
James______ a brand new car.
Joanne ____to be helpful in the kitchen.
I _______when I know the answer.
We _____that Joe is leaving home.
Cyndi ______to music in her car.
_______ your sister have children?
Stephanie _______ she is a princess.
I ______ after school to finish my homework.
John _______ to Michigan every December.
They _____each other goodbye.
He _______forward to your visit.
I _______ my elderly aunt twice a week.
Do your grandchildren _____ overnight?
Our plumber _____ the plumbing every other month.
We _______ to raise our hands.
Mike ____ to the school every day.
You must ____ your dinner before you are excused.
My sister_____help around the house.
Today __ the first day of school.