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Surveying the books of the Bible

The official list of inspired books of the Bible.
"Teaching;" a book from the 1st or 2nd century that contained Christian practices
Second canon- to indicate that this books are not accepted in the official Jewish canon.
The core or essential message of the Gospel that Jesus Christ is Lord.
The first five books of the Bible.
A literally device in which human emotional qualities and physical traits are attributed to God.
One of the sources of Pentateuch which contains census lists and genealogies; numbers and dates etc.
Law” Another name for the Pentateuch
the most important collection of Jewish oral tradition interpreting the Torah.
The passing down of teachings orally.
Outlines God's saving activity in the history of Israel
One of the sources of Pentateuch in which Abraham is a central figure.
Means "hidden" books in the Bible which was withdrawn from common use.