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The Lord helped Joseph in jail by making the chief jailer ______ him and he became in charge of all the prisoners.
Joseph's half brother that convinced the others to not kill him.
Joseph's father.
Pharoah put Joseph in charge of the whole land of _____ after he interpreted Pharoah's dreams.
Joseph placed a gold goblet in Benjamin's sack to test his brothers' ______ to each other.
In Pharoah's dreams, the large and healthy cows and grain were _____ by the small and unhealthy ones.
Jacob made Joseph a long ornamented ______ to show how much he loved him.
Joseph told his brothers that God sent him to EGYPT so he could save their ______.
Joseph dreamed that all his brothers would ____ down to him.
Joseph did not allow his brothers to leave Egypt unless _______ was brought back from their home.
Potiphar favored Joseph because he saw that the _____ was with him.
Another one of Joseph's gifts from God.
The name God gave Jacob.
The Lord was with Joseph and brought him _______ in whatever he did.
The 7 small and unhealthy cows and grain represented 7 years of _______.
Joseph gave credit to ____ for his gifts and success.
Instead of killing Joseph, his half-brothers _____ him.
The mother of Joseph and Benjamin.
Joseph's dreams showed him the __________.
Joseph placed his brothers' _____ for their food back in their bags to test if they were trustworthy
Joseph was sent to _____ when Potiphar's wife made up a lie about him.
When Joseph saw his brothers come to Egypt, he ____ .
The 7 healthy cows and grain represented 7 years of ________.
Joseph's brothers were unkind to him because of their ________.
Pharoah's second dream involved large and small sizes of what type of food. (7 in each size)
Joseph's gift of dream interpretation was told to Pharoah by one of Pharoah's _________ that was jailed for a short time and then regained his position.
Joseph had ____ sons.
One of God's gifts to Joseph.
When Joseph was taken to Egypt, he was bought by Potiphar, an official of _______.
Pharoah's dream involving large and small sizes of what animals. (7 in each size.)
Joseph tested his brothers by accusing them of being ______.
Due to the famine, all but 1 of Joseph's brothers came to EGYPT for _______.