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Cell Structures

Genetic structures that contain the information used to make new cells, DNA
food making structure containing green pigments called chlorophyll
Structures filled with fluids that temporarily store the different substances made the by cell, tend to be a lot in animal cells
Ribbon like structure that serves as an internal delivery system, transports protein produced by the ribosomes
Structure inside the nucleus that is responsible for making ribosomes
Structure that produces important products for the cell, proteins and lipids
Packages products from the endoplasmic reticulum and distributes them around or outside the cell
Outer barrier that provides protection and shape
Skin surrounding and protecting the nucleus
General name for all structures in a cell
uses energy from the sun to make a simple sugar that plants use as food, glucose
Structure that uses oxygen to transform the energy in food to a form the cell use to cary out its activities, powerhouse
Encloses the cell, allows some materials to pass through or to be kept out
Structure that controls all activities of a cell
gel-like substance taking up most of the space made of mostly water in which the organelles are scattered