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Pre-Calculus Crossword

Y=x^2 parent function
Translation transformations
Maximum or minimum on a graph
The way polynomials are written so that the exponents are from highest to lowest order
Found when top and bottom degrees are compared
The rate at which a central angle is changing
The length of the corresponding arc on the unit circle
Occurs when the degree of the numerator is exactly 1 degree higher than the denominator
An expression with more than two algebraic terms
Longest side of a triangle
X-intercepts, solutions, zeros
Transformations that change the shape of the graph (Dilation)
The rate at which a distance traveled is changed
The start of an angle
The most negative and most positive Y values on a graph
Transformation that "flips" the graph over an axis or line
The height of a graph
Point discontinuity
Must pass the HLT
The highest exponent of a polynomial
Counter-clockwise directions
Occurs when each factor in the denominator is set to equal 0
Clockwise directions
The end of an angle
The most negative and mst positive X values on a graph