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Cell Crossword

Slender threadlike structure; especially in a microscopic whip-like appendage
Organelle of endomembrane system
Theory that states : the cell is the fundamental structure & fundamental unit of living matter
Refines protein made by the Ribosome (ER)
Single celled organism with no distinct nucleus or specialized organelles
Organism containing a cell or cells; DNA is in the form of chromosomes in a distinct nucleus
Cylindrical organelle near the nucleus in animal cells, occur in pairs
Found only in plant cells; around the exterior of the cell
Lipid with a glycerol backbone, two fatty acid tails and a hydrophillic head of two polar groups
UPS of the cell; moves things to where they need to be
Organelle found in large numbers in most cells; cell powerhouse
Complex of vesicles and folded membranes in the cytoplasm of most eukaryotic cells
Gives plant cells their color
Organelle in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells containing enzymes in a membrane
Controls all activity in a cell
Microscopic thing that lets things enter and exit cells; retains the cytoplasm in the cell
Site where adjoining cells interact physically, chemically, or both
All organelles are suspended in this
Contain fluid, food or waste; cavity in cytoplasm
Produces protein in a cell, connected to the rough ER