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Cell Crossword

Type of cell that does have a cell wall
Dioxynucleic acid
Literally everything inside a cell except for the nucleas
An organelle that produces vesicles
Type of cell without a cell wall
Only found inside plant cells
Organelle studded with ribosomes
The powerhouse of the cell
Basically the cell version of a stomach
The [blank] is the outermost layer of a plant cell
The only type of cell with a nucleas
In muscle cells, it regulates calcium ion concentration
Contains most of the cell's genetic material
A tiny living organism that makes up all living things
The outermost layer of a animal cell
a cylindrical cell structure[1] composed mainly of a protein called tubulin that is found in most eukaryotic cells
the First single celled organisms were?
Produced inside the golgi apparatus
A tail that extends out from a cell to help it move
the site of biological protein synthesis