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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling - James

Spelling Wk#6
It’s a dreary day. _________
It’s always better to tell the _____________ then to tell a lie.
This is something that is usually printed typed and given out by an organization.
We __________ brush our teeth before we go to bed
At Halloween, we just go around to the houses in our _____________
I ____________ go to school Monday to Friday.
Left or right? Which way will I ____________ to turn?
A moral, or legal obligation.
Another word for ‘direction’. _____________
The new player on the team is called a _____________
This day comes after Monday and before Wednesday.
I ____________ how to do the math problems when I took the work home to do. I can’t remember now.
My shoelaces keep coming untied, I didn’t tie them tight. I tied them _____________
We go A.J. Charbonneau Public ______________
In a Scavenger Hunt, we are given these to find items. _______________
This rhymes the word ‘would’. _____________________
The Shortstop Positiion Player______________ the ball to 1st Base to get the person out.
Another word for ‘wreck/destroy’ _____________