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Science Words

a long sandy island that runs parallel across the coastline and protects the shore from erosion.
is a crack in the ground formed by a narrow or thin piece of ice.
The process of being eroded by wind and water.
The breakdown of rocks and minerals by physical actions such as frost, wind, roots, and no chemical alteration.
That can be permeated especially by liquids or gases.
Is the process in which rocks, sediments, and soil are added to that landmass or landform.
The process when particles of sand or small pieces of rock are carried across its surface by a glacier, stream, or the wind.
The breakdown of rocks and minerals using chemical reactions.
Wears away or change the appearance a rock or mineral's texture.
triangle-shaped deposit of sand, clay or silt at the mouth of a river.
to cover with a coating of oxide or rust(Combines with oxygen).
land that is sometimes flooded and often lies at the edge of lakes, streams, and swamps.