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Irregular verbs

The Titanic ______many years ago.
I _____ my finger last Thanksgiving
You ___coffee last month.
The teacher____ us about past tense today
She ____ her husband for forgetting their anniversary.
He kept his toys in a little box
John _____the floors last week.
Once we _____ each other we became friends
The children _____ under the table.
We got _____last Friday.
Mary _____many books at the store.
I ______ many emails yesterday.
We _____to the movies Saturday night.
They ____ the laundry outside for the last 2 months.
I _____ tired after the marathon.
We ____ you wern't coming
He _____ the cookies away.
He ______his baby for the first time.
The flowers____ very high this past summer.
It _____ fleas two weeks ago.