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Science Review

No definite volume or shape
What it smells like
Energy at rest
2 or more substances combined
A strong solution
Energy in motion
Ability to do work
How we describe matter
The amount of matter in a set volume
Energy of moving parts, like in a machine
Can dissolve other substances
Force that works against motion
Energy created by a current flowing through a conductor in a circuit
Where a magnet is the strongest
Visible energy that travels in a straight line
Force and Motion combined
Energy from vibrating matter that we can hear
Energy of heat transfer between objects
The ability to dissolve when added to a liquid
A weak solution
A special mixture where something dissolves
How something feels
The ability to transfer energy
Liquid, solid, and gas are all the _________
The ability to attract to a magnet
No definite shape, but has a definite volume
Force that changes an objects speed and direction
What an object creates while working
How much matter is in an object
Force that pulls objects towards each other
What an object needs to work
Can dissolve in water
A physical property where we would see a GREEN leaf
Definite shape, size, and volume