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Owen County, Indiana

Now it's time to test your knowledge of "Sweet Owen" County! 
Mae Worman is most well-known for her time as a teacher in what community school house?
Comrades of _______ Owen, who died in the Battle of Tippecanoe, named the county in his honor
The Gosport Opera House now is the home of which transportation-related business?
The name of the local not-for-profit organization whose mission is to make Indiana a more welcoming place for ALL people
The _____ Mansion is one of the oldest & most well-known homes in Spencer
Name of the river that flows through the heart of Owen County
This structure, which originally opened in 1928, was re-opened in 2013 after a restoration funded by Cook Medical
____ City Depot can be found within this book
This community in Owen County sounds like it is located in Eastern Europe
This major county employer is located on the site of a former mansion just east of Spencer
Lieber State Recreational Area is known by most locals as _____.
The official home of Spencer Pride & the organization's retail shop Unity
The name of the property located in Spencer along Raccoon Creek that is owned & managed by The Nature Conservancy
The name of the gender non-binary mascot of this book
A trail that will, when completed, connect the Owen County YMCA & McCormick's Creek State Park
This bridge is near Gosport over the White River
This structure located in McCormick's Creek State Park is in need of a restoration
Indiana's State Tree
Owen County is also known as "______" Owen
This park was the home of the first-ever Spencer Pride Festival in 2007
The shortened version of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, & Queer