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Latin American Revolutions

Who was the Mexican Revolutionary who was a mestizo wanting to improve social and political conditions, abolish slavery and give all men the right to vote?
What was the main goal of the Haitian Revolution?
What country were Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia trying to gain independence from?
Someone of both African and European descent, who were angry at being denied the status, wealth, and power that were available only to whites.
Spanish born people, who were members of the highest social class, dominated Latin American political and social life.
Which Latin American Revolution took the most lives?
What is a Republic?
Bolivar worked tirelessly to unite the lands he had liberated into a single nation, called...
Brazil remained a monarchy until 1889, when social and political turmoil led to it becoming a...
Hidalgo did not get to witness the end of the Mexican Revolution because he was...
Latin American victories of independence were short lived, as power struggles soon triggered destructive...
Which French ruler seemed to play a big role amidst the many Latin American Revolutions?
Who was the self-educated former slave who skillfully led the Haitian revolution?
Someone of both Native American and European descent who were angry at being denied status, wealth and power that were available only to whites.
In what former French colony did French planters own profitable sugar plantations worked by nearly a half million enslaved Africans.
The bitter and resentful second class group of people who were descendants of Europeans, but born in Latin America.
Which country was Brazil trying to become independent of?
Before the discontented creoles began their struggle for independence, which other South American group had been rebelling against Spain for years?
Who led Argentina to win their war for independence?
Liberal Mexicans overthrew the would-be monarch, Iturbide, and set up a...
Poor mestizos and Native Americans supported Hidalgo, however creoles rejected his cause since they did not want to end...
Haiti finally won its independence in 1804, and ultimately became a...
During the French Revolution this person traveled through Europe and was inspired by the Enlightened ideals of "liberty, equality, and fraternity."
What influenced the leaders of Latin American independence?
Heir to the Portuguese throne, Dom Pedro proclaimed himself emperor of an independent Brazil, however he accepted freedom of the press, religion, and an elected legislature, which was laid out in Brazil's...
Father Miguel Hidalgo was the a creole priest who inspired a revolution in what Latin American country?