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The Civil War (1861 - 1865)

Teacher: Aston
The town that Robert Lee's army retreated to
A document that had little immediate effect because it freed enslaved people only in areas that were fighting the Union
Shortages of food led to this in some southern cities
One of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War
Lincoln hoped to cut off the South's supply of manufactured goods and block overseas sales of this
A general rise in prices
A military action to prevent traffic from coming into and area or leaving it
A system of required military service
With more of these, the North was able to field, feed, and equip larger armies
A major health threat to the soldiers
The last name of the general who moved some 100,000 soldiers by boat along Chesapeake Bay
The battle that neither side won a clear victory
People who remained divided in the border states
Thomas Jackson's nickname
Warships covered with protective iron plates
The military term for persons killed, wounded, or missing in action
The governor said that this state "will not furnish a single man" to fight against our "southern brothers"
The name of the ironclad that fought in the naval battle in 1862
The last name of the person who was America's first female physician who trained nurses for the Union army
A dry, cracker-like product that soldiers ate