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The American Revolution

The "introduction" to the Constitution
Another freedom guaranteed in the First Amendment
The country that was taxing the American colonies
"Little ___ Madison"
A freedom guaranteed in the First Amendment
The supreme law of the land
A law-making body
Another word for freedom
The Articles of ___ were our first attempt at a constitution
The ___ of Independence was our way of breaking up with England
The chief or leader who executes laws
A change to the Constitution
The Second Amendment guarantees the right to these
Mr. Adams, the firebrand of the Revolution
The silversmith who made coins for the revolutionaries
The system of courts
These later became states
The ___ of Confederation were first attempt at gov't
The king of England
The third word of the Constitution
The laws of any government put down on paper
The wealthy shipper who finance much of the Revolution
The Father of the Constitution--he wrote it
The first right demanded in the Declaration of Independence