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English Civil War

Enlightenment Period
Believed that people were born with a tabula rasa
Written plan of government to rule people
The type of government that the United States is
Bloodless Revolution
Book written by Thomas Hobbes explaining that absolute monarchy is best form of government
Supreme or absolute authority
Governments led by kings or queens that ruled much of Europe
French assembly; banned by Louis XiV from meeting during his 72-year reign
Document that established the idea of limited government
Legal principle that law should govern a nation
Government ruled by a few people (group)
Rights that people have at birth
Practice of governing by a personal whim or a random choice
Where citizens, themselves, make the laws
A system where power is restricted by the people
The idea that rulers receive their power directly from and only are responsible to God.
System that places total power in the hands of a ruler or his/her advisors
Institution that maintains social order, provides public services, and enforces binding decisions
Political community that occupies a definite territory