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Math Crossword Puzzle

The subset of the population from which the raw data are actually obtained
Describes how widely data values are spread out about the center of a distribution
The most common value in a distribution
Frequency expressed as a fraction or percentage of the total
Both variables tend to increase or decrease together
Researchers apply a treatment to some or all of the sample members and then look to see if the treatment has any effects
The group, in an experiment, of sample members who do not receive the treatment being tested
Describes qualities or categories
A design or conduct that tends to favor certain results
The middle value in the sorted data set
Shows the five-number summary visually
The situation in which patients improve simply because they believe they are receiving a useful treatment
A graph in which each point represents the values of two variables
A bar graph in which the data categories are quantitative
The two variables tend to change in opposite directions, with one increasing while the other decreases
The group of sample members who do not receive the treatment being tested
A data value that is much higher or much lower than almost all other values
The complete set of people or things being studied
Represents counts or measurements
Occurs whenever researchers select their sample in a way that tends to make it unrepresentative of the population
The average value of a set of numbers
Lacks the active ingredients of a treatment being tested in a study, but is identical in appearance to the treatment