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US History Mid Term

Name: _______________________________
Stopped Pullman strike
National currency
Excluded from Reconstruction Acts
Blockaded the South
Bought Alaska
Oil man
Taylor's occupation
Limited African American freedoms
What Johnson called the Freedman's Bureau Bill
South's first invasion state
First female doctor in US
Chinese trade policy
Combustible engine maker
Became a state in 1863
Female union organizer
Grant's near-defeat
'68 Democratic candidate
Charged hill
Steel man
Seized Mexican seaport
Spanish Minister
Peace Democrats
Became CSS Virginia
KOL founder
Sumpter's home
Panama's overlord
Largest Confederate city
Founded by Stanford
Doctrine maker
Homestead strikers opponents
Lincoln's successor
Last president to visit Ford's
Alternate to 10 Per Cent
Greedy rascal
Unhappy Chinese
Minister to Hawaii
Between USA and japan
"dollars for bullets"
Influence of Sea Power upon History