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Constitution Review 1

Coach Hastings
Test day: Thursday and Friday 9/28-29
A democratic government in which decisions are made by elected representatives
The Articles set up a weak _____ government
One positive thing about the Articles; created procedures for adding new states
Plan proposed by Roger Sherman that created a two-house Congress, one with proportional representation, the other with equal representation
Branch of government that includes the president
Branch that includes the Supreme Court
First governing document of the United States
Plan for a unicameral house with equal representation
Term that refers to Congress having two houses
Supported ratification of the new Constitution; James Madison, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton
Branch that includes Congress
Opposed to ratification of the new Constitution; George Mason, Patrick Henry
Part of the Constitution that allows Congress to enact any laws they deem necessary to carry out their duties
The President's power to reject laws passed
Can declare laws unconstitutional
Dealt with the issue of how slaves should be counted for the purposes of representation
Each branch has ways to stop other branches
The powers of the government come from the people
Makes laws, declares war, and can impeach the President
Kept notes during the Constitutional Convention; known as the "Father of the Constitution"
Plan for a unicameral house with proportional representation