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Science Chapter 6

A swirling center of low pressure (L3)
Clouds that look like cotton. (L1)
Lines joining places on a map that have the same temperature. (L5)
Lines joining places on a map that have the same air pressure. (L5)
The temperature at which condensation begins. (L1)
A tropical cyclone with winds of 119 km/h or higher. (L4)
Any form of water that falls from clouds and reaches Earth's surface. (L2)
Molecules of water vapor in the air become liquid water. (L1)
An open-ended tube that collects rain. (L2)
Clouds that form in flat layers, Latin word for spread out. (L1)
Water in the form of gas. (Beg 6)
Warm air mass that is cut off from the ground. (L3)
Air masses that form over oceans (L3)
Made up of cloud that form near the ground. (Beg 6)
Bands of high speed winds about 10 kilometers above Earth's surface (L3)
Scientist who studies weather (L5)
Rapidly whirling funnel shaped cloud that reaches down from a thunderstorm to touch the Earth's surface. (L4)