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Harry Potter uses his wand to make m____
Some people say that if you see this black animal it gives bad luck
You say this when you knock on doors on Halloween
Werewolves come out when this bright sphere is full
A bad dream is a ____
Dead people live there in a coffin
It's a chemical and if you drink it you can die
You eat this on Halloween. They are sweet
It's red and liquid . It flows through your veins
Spiders make this to live in it and Spider-man can swing from building to building because of that
You wear a ___ on Halloween (clothes)
She has a big nose, wears a pointy hat and rides on a broomstick
It's a witch's ride. You can also sweep your floor with it
It's usually brown but it can be dark or white. It's made from cacao trees.
It's scary and it lives under your bed
They are white and have no skin
It's a house that is haunted and scares you
You can dress up on this day
It's a human transformed into a wolf
He bites people for blood
Witches make potions and soups in this round thing
It has bandages all over it's body
It's orange and you carve it before Halloween
It floats in the air and says ''ouuhh''
When the arrow on the clock is at 12 in the night
It's a black bird
They are living deads and walks with their hands in front of them
Clowns and girls wear this on their face
They have a round red nose, painted faces and amuse kids
It's black, small and can fly