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The Six Elements of Art

White + a color.
What makes a flat picture look and feel 3D.
Red, Blue, Yellow are ______ colors.
Something that appears close to the viewer of a picture. It is bigger and darker.
Orange, Green, and Purple are _____ colors.
A 3 sided shape is a.
A picture composed of various values of one color.
How something feels is ________ texture.
When lines meet up they make ________.
A 5 sided shape is a.
A 9 sided shape is a.
Relationship of one size of a thing to another.
Black + a color.
Starts with a dot then extends outwards
How something looks like it feels is _________ texture.
Colors that lie next to each other on the color wheel
The principle of space where one thing appears big and gets smaller the farther back it goes.
Primary plus Secondary colors make up _______ colors.
How something appears to feel or feels.
The way we perceive light
Something that appears in the distance relative to the view. It is smaller and lighter.
Differences between light and dark.