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The Spanish Monopoly System 2

The Casa de Contratacion registered and ____________ships going to the New World
__were light fast ships
These were built to give coastal cities strong defences against would be attack
Exclusive control over buying and selling
_____was created to control trade in the Spanish territories
The Casa de contratacion ______ all emigrants going to the Spanish New World
This was a licence to bring slaves into the Spanish colonies
Spain tried to control _____and selling by the Spanish colonists in the New World.
The Casa de Contratacion had special law _____
All goods produced in the colonies was to be sold to only ______
Ships travelling in groups or fleets were called ____
These ships patrolled the coastlines to avoid unlawful entry.
All goods the colonists wanted was to be purchased from ________.
The Casa de Contratacion collected _______ on trade