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Spelling List 11

A change or an addition
A change indicating an illness
Ten times ten
Where sick or injured are given medical care
Scattered fragments; rubish
Part of one hundred
A gas that we require to breathe
A meeting for formal discussion
A large, chauffeur driven vehicle
A massive structure built in ancient Egypt
Bodily exertion for the sake of physical fitness
Something that is not known
Not known
A state of well being and contentment
A person who loves his country greatly and is loyal to it
Extremely cold; freezing
A smooth or polished surface that reflects an image
A person who pretends to be good
Very great anger
To join or come together as friends
Ten times nine
An institution of higher learning
One or more letters set off from the rest of the word
Not permanent
Approval that is publicly expressed
To scold sharply
Any in a series of books
A small bread