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The Planets in Our Solar System

Discovered by looking at the wobble in Neptune's orbit, and its location was found by algebra
Saturn's rings are about __ meters thick
What Venus's snow is made of
Neptune's moon that is an ice ball captured by its gravity resurfaced by volcanoes, and is geologically active
HIt Jupiter multiple times that we could see on earth; object made of snow, ice, and dirt
Colored lights produced by the Earth's magnetic field near the poles
Discovered Jupiter
Spacecraft that photographed Saturn's storm
Spacecraft that visited Uranus
What the solid inner core of the Earth is made of
A process by which the flow of rocks in the mantle is caused by the movement of hot material
Liquid metallic _____ that is hotter than the surface of the sun is found closer to the center of Jupiter
The entire surface of Venus ,before the craters appeared, was covered by...
Venus is named after the Roman goddess of...
Is in two forms: the good kind and the bad kind
Uranus was discovered by...
Heat trapped by Carbon Dioxide which warms the Earth
One of Jupiter's most exciting moons, as it has the conditions and types of molecules that could have originated water
Deep craters on Mercury where water exists in the form of water ice
Actually a storm on Jupiter that is over three centuries old
Like thick, hot plastic (or PlayDoh)
The type of people that Mercury's craters were named after
Hailstones of these fall into Uranus's liquid ocean
What Venus's rain is made of
Uranus is blue and smells like these
One of Saturns moons that has a very shiny surface of water ice
One of saturn's moons where lakes of liquid methane were found
The planet that is next to Mercury