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Crossword Quiz--First 10 stories in The Friendly Persuasion

In "Yes, We'll Gather at the River",_____ ______ REALLY could use a bath
Enoch damages seven of eight of these that belong to Eliza in "The Pacing Goose"
Jess contemplates the brevity of life in this story as he worries about his "wen" in "THE____ _____"
Jess beats Reverend ______ ________ in " First Day Finish"
In "A Likely Exchange", this character manages to follow the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law
"Lead Her Like a Pigeon" is named after a love song sung by Gard's __________
In "The Battle of Finney's Ford", this character gets a head injury falling off a cliff
This character forgives her father for talking to pigs and later eating them in "The Buried Leaf".
Jess buys an organ in the story "Music on the____"
This is what Josh and Labe do for Old Alf "Before Breakfast"