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New Hampshire Trivia

New Hampshire's motto is "Live ? or Die".
The first ? planted in US was planted in 1719 at the Londonderry Common Field.
In 1883 the first free public ? in the US was established in Peterborough.
The 1995 blockbuster starring Robin Williams took place in Keene, New Hampshire.
New Hampshire is the only US state that doesn't require an adult to wear ?
The state ? is the Karner Blue ?
It takes 40 gallons of ? to create one gallon of maple syrup.
New Hampshire is nicknames the '? of America' because of it's scenery.
The state tree is the white ?
? is the state fruit.
Is the smallest town in New Hampshire.
New Hampshire adopted the first legal ? in 1963/
Captain John Smith named New Hampshire after a town in ?
Levi Hutchins of Concord invented the first ? in 1787.
Alan Barttlett Shepard Jr., the first American to travel in space is from ? , New Hampshire.
Comedian, Adam ? grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire.