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To look for something.
What you do to decorate eggs.
To enjoy a special day with food, games, and family.
What you would describe a day as if you enjoyed your time.
Colors that are soft or muted.
Putting out items that symbolize the holiday.
Little chick-shaped marshmallows.
The day Easter is always celebrated on.
A type of flower with wide, long petals and a strong scent.
Sweet treats that the Easter bunny leaves in your basket.
Where the Easter bunny leaves you gifts.
The month that Easter is typically associated with.
A rabbit's favorite food.
A type of creamy candy that is often shaped like a bunny.
A yellow Spring flower that looks like a cup wearing a skirt.
A flower from the Netherlands that is planted as a bulb.
A group of flowers.
The type of roast that most people prefer to eat on Easter.
The people related to you that you celebrate with.
The things that are dyed and then hunted.