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Dolphin Spelling

Teacher: PTE
To modify; make appropriate for another use
Ending of event or process; final
Words have the same first consonant sound (e.g. Better Butter Bakers make the Best Banana Bread
Action or way of making something whole
Important assignment; project
To state or announce in an official way (I prounounce Kobi as the winner)
Unit of measurement = 28 grams
In motion; Make a move
Sudden swoop or spring - usually an animal (prey)
Submit a document to make a request; Putting something into operation; Software; Applying something to the surface (apply the top coat of the nail polish)
Make a public declaration, statement (Ms. Corbman announced that Liceny is the new Star Student)
Telling the truth; Formal state of the facts
Something not real; incorrectly understood by one or more senses
Flying or operating of aircraft
Lack of understanding; uncertainty
To vote to accept; to take ownership or responsibility for
Move quickly up, about, away - usually a ball
Regular stopping place (gas); place where a specific activity takes place