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6th grade Geo Core Concepts 5

The removal of trade barriers
Goods and services sold in a country that are produced abroad
Is the exchange of goods and services in a market
The practical application of knowledge to accomplish a task
An economy in which the central government makes all economic decisions
General increase in prices
Is a factor that encourages people to act in a certain way
The study of how people meet their wants and needs
Goods and service produced in a country and sold abroad
A tax on imports or exports
People or businesses that make and sell products
A decline in economic growth for six or more months in a row
An economy that combines elements of traditional,market, and command economic systems
A share of ownership in a company
This is the struggle among produces for consumers' money
The desire for a certain good or service
People or businesses that buy, or consume, products
The price paid for borrowing money
A plan that shows income and expenses over a period of time
The amount of a good or service that is available for use