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8th grade Science INB 1

The measure of how much mass is contained in a given volume
A picture of your data
Facts, figures, and other evidence collected during a scientific investigation
The measure of the force of gravity acting on an object
A set of beliefs that may make use of science
The measure of the amount of matter in an object
The amount of space taken up by an object or substance
When you explain or interpret things you have observed
A portion of something that is used to represent the whole thing
A group of parts that work together to carry out a function
Any area outside a science laboratory
Information collected from careful study of a subject
A material or the energy that goes into the system
Evaluating observations and data to reach a conclusion about them
A standard measurement system based on the number 10
Using one or more of your senses to gather information
Grouping together items that are alike in some way
An action or series of actions that happen within the system
Output that changes a system in some way
A way of learning about the natural world
The material or energy that comes out of a system