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Matters of Life and Death

Teacher: Nancye Brown
The dead can no longer think or _____
Immortals have _____ life
What righteous mortals become at the Second Coming of Jesus
To die (a phrase)
The breath of life
When a person dies, this does not continue to live
Many Eastern religions teach this false doctrine
Temptations are sent by Satan to ______ your love for God
After death man's body returns to the _______
What the dead do in their graves
The reward of the unrighteous
This is determined by how you lived your life
This doctrine came from the Roman Catholic Church
The only immortal
______ are actually evil angels taking on human form
Everyone must give an account of his life and face the _______
Rust and moths are types of _______
Grave, Tomb
At death, the body eventually turns into _____
What you are
This sin can lead to blasphemy because of its rebellious nature
After death these are no longer possible
At the first ______ the dead in Christ will rise and meet Him in the air
The story of Saul and the Witch of Endor teaches us that ______ with the dead is forbidden.
If not given up, this type of sin can become iniquitous.