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Mr. Bena's Science Review Crossword 1

energy for from heat found deep inside the Earth’s surface
An object that allows energy to flow through it easily
the ability to cause change or do work
energy generated through the processing of renewable plant and animal materials
if the pathway is broken (light off, wire cut, etc.), then electricity cannot continue to flow
a closed conducting circle or loop through which current can flow
energy of motion
the act of applying force to move something toward or with you
a series of small, fast movements back and forth or from side to side
energy related to the temperature of an object or a substance
energy produced by vibrations
a force that acts in an opposite direction to movement
a change in the position of an object
energy generated for heat and electricity using the power of falling water or water moving through a dam
a push or pull that can change the position and / or motion of an object / material
energy that is absorbed or delivered by an electric circuit
An object that does not allow energy to flow through it easily
the act of applying force in order to move something away
a form of energy which our eyes can detect
energy generated from the movement of air