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To gather crops that are ripe.
Where the Mayflower landed.
The month that Thanksgiving is observed in.
The ship the pilgrims used to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.
To enjoy a special day with a party or activity.
The peoples who originally lived in America and helped the Pilgrims survive.
A baked good made from the flesh of an orange gourd.
A person who makes a home in a new area, specifically one with few previous inhabitants.
Mixing ingredients and then cooking them in the oven to produce sweet treats.
Relatives that you love and spend time with.
The day of the week that Thanksgiving is celebrated on.
To let another person borrow or temporarily use something that belongs to you.
A procession of floats, bands, and other festive groups down a road.
An American sport involving heavy pads and an oddly shaped ball.
What you feel when you realize that you have a lot of good things.
A day that is reserved for festivity where people do not work.
A settlement of people who come from another country and are still considered citizens of that country.
To be grouped in the same space.
A meeting of people for a festive purpose.
Also known as the "Horn of Plenty."
Sharing the customs of a family from one generation to another.
A beneficial thing that you are grateful for.
The crop that the Native Americans showed the Pilgrims how to plant and harvest.
People who ventured from their homeland to find a new life in America.
A large bird that is traditionally eaten on holidays.